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GH-1 Model Hovercraft Kit
GH-2 Model Hovercraft Kit
GH-C Model Hovercraft Kit
   Build One Duct Designs
   Build Two Duct Designs
   Build Three Duct Designs
   Build Four Duct Designs

Radio Control Hovercraft Kit
   See how fast it goes!

How GH Construction Kits Work
   How the GH models hover
   How the airbox works
   How the skirt works
   How to use a tether

Interesting Projects
   Using Handheld Batteries
   Alternative Electrical Circuits
   Alternative Power Sources
      Rubberband Power
      Flywheel Power
      Compressed Air Engine Power
      Solar Powered RC Hovercraft!
      Handheld Solar Power
   Double Height Skirts

Build a Wing In Ground Effect machine!

Full Size Hovercrafting!
Enjoy Eric Goldstein's personal account of Hovercrafting In Chicago
(Written mostly during 1995-1998 - needs updating!)