RC Hovercraft

Build a Radio Controlled Hovercraft!

You can equip any GH model hovercraft with radio control!

1) Get your R/C gear

You'll need a 2 channel radio and receiver. You'll also need a servo (either a standard size servo, or better yet, a micro-servo), You may also want to use a speed controller or a second servo.
Read more about RC equipment for your model hovercraft .

2) Hook up your hovercraft with R/C

There are lots of ways to equip a GH model hovercraft with radio control.
Learn how to hook up RC equipment to a model hovercraft!

3) Don't stop there!

Goldstein Hovercraft's building blocks approach to model hovercrafting means that you'll be able to create easily attachable/detachable RC hovercraft modules which you can use and reuse to equip each new model hovercraft you build with RC!
See RC Hovercraft Modules in use

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