Controlling Your Model Hovercraft

Take Your Hovercraft For a Walk

The cheap and easy way to control your model hovercraft is to attach a string. (A length of string is included in each GH kit.) This is much more fun than it sounds! A car or boat on a string isn't much fun -- you end up pulling the vehicle where you want it to go. A hovercraft is different - a hovercraft can move in a completely different direction from the way it is pointed, a hovercraft in motion tends to stay in motion, a hovercraft on land always tries to go downhill, and a hovercraft anywhere will be influenced by the wind. These characteristics combine togehter to make it feel as though the hovercraft has a mind of its own. The first time you try to control a hovercraft on a string, you'll feel more like you're walking an enthusiastic dog than pulling around a toy. But with practice, it is possible to get quite good at controlling your craft.

Not convinced? Then you'll probably want to learn about how to Add RC to your hovercraft

But before you start attaching RC equipment, consider this: a GH hovercraft on a string is a fairly inexpensive toy that you'll be more willing to risk losing. And yet, with a string, the odds of losing your hovercraft to dangers such as oncoming traffic or a swift current are much lower. A string makes hovercrafting trouble-free.

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