RC Model Hovercraft Equipment

RC equipment you'll need

You'll need a two channel radio transmitter and receiver. Radios are sold to work with either surface frequencies or air frequencies. Use a radio that works on surface frequencies so that you don't interfere with model airplanes. This is important for safety reasons -- you don't want to be responsible for an out of control airplane.

You'll also need a servo. Servos come in various sizes and weights. The standard size servo that comes with the least expensive two channel radios is ok to use. You'll get even better performance if you use a lightweight micro servo.

Beginners may also want to purchase a little wire which will allow you to power the radio using the battery holder that came with your hovercraft kit. Look for a "Battery Elimination Circuit male connector" or "BEC male connector" for short.

Pic of speed controller goes here

Experienced RC modelers will probably want to use their own 4, 5, or 6 cell batteries with a lightweight speed controller. (A speed controller is a gizmo that hooks up to the receiver, the battery, and the motor. It allows the motor to be turned on, revved up, and turned off by radio control. Be sure to get a speed controller that can handle the appropriate number of cells. A lightweight 10 amp speed controller will work fine.) The "using servos" section shows an alternative to using speed controllers if all you want to do is turn your motors on and off.

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