Model Hovercraft Voltage

Try using different number of battery cells!

The more battery cells you use, the more thrust you get, but the craft will run for a shorter length of time before the batteries are drained. The fewer battery cells you use, the less thrust you'll get, but the craft will run for a longer amount of time.

Thrust and run time are expressed as percentages of the performance of the motor running on 4 cells.

              Thrust        Run Time

2 cells:    40%        195%

3 cells:    83%         129%

4 cells:   100%        100%

5 cells:   117%        86%

6 cells:   150%        70%

Warning: The motor sold with your kit is intended to work with no more than four battery cells. We have successfully ran these motors with six cells for long periods of time without problem, but there is a possibility that your motor's lifetime will be shortened when using more than four cells. (Replacement motors are available.)

Changing the voltage on the GH-1

When the trapdoor is fully open, the airbox uses half of the "thrust" as lift.

2 cells: The GH-1 barely works at all.

3 cells: Works nicely on smooth floors. Goes rather well.

4 cells: An all around good performer.

6 cells: Fast! On smooth surfaces, the trapdoor can be lowered so that 25% of the air is used for lift, and 75% is used for thrust.

For 4, 5, and especially 6 cells, the trapdoor can be moved to lower the lift to thrust ratio, making the craft faster still, but with a lower hoverheight.

Changing the voltage on the GH-2

2 cells per motor: Very quiet! Although it has an very small airgap, it moves surprisingly well on a smooth floor.

4 cells per motor: A great performer.

6 cells per motor: Hovers high and is very fast!

(Of course, the GH-2 doesn't have to use the same number of cells for each motor. )

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